Committee Participation

Black & White PigletsTo join a committee, contact the Minnesota Pork office by e-mail or (507) 345-8814.

  • Committee members can serve on multiple committees.
  • Committee members will be reimbursed for mileage to meetings.

These committees bring together shared interests of the Minnesota Pork Board and Minnesota Pork Producers Association. The committee members focus on programs and activities pertaining to their respective organization and the committee members allocate resources from financial line items specific to each organization.

Human Capital

The Human Capital Committee creates programs and resources for pork producers, employees, educators and future pork producers/industry leaders. Some of the programs guided by this committee:

  • Pork Ambassador Activities
  • PQA Plus and TQA training
  • Resource and material development
  • Educational seminars

Promotion and Image

The Promotion and Image Committee guides advertising, marketing and outreach to enhance the image of pork farmers and to create pork demand. Efforts are focused on consumers, decision-makers and youth. Some of the programs guided by this committee:

  • Agricultural literacy materials and Ag in the Classroom support
  • Consumer pork promotions
  • Nutritional education and pork preparation education
  • Advertising
  • State fair education (Oink Booth) and consumer outreach (Pork Promotion Booth)

Research and University Outreach

The Research and University Outreach Committee oversees research topics, research funding and building relationships with academic and research institutions. Functions of this committee:

  • Establish research priorities based on industry needs
  • Review research proposals and approve funding
  • Meet with leaders, faculty and other decision-makers at research and academic institutions

Public Affairs (open to MPPA members only) 

The Public Affairs Committee creates membership plans and structure, develops public policy, and acts upon legislative issues. This committee does NOT utilize mandatory Pork Checkoff dollars. Activities advised by this committee:

  • Legislative days at the state capitol
  • Legislative delegations to Washington, D.C.
  • Resolutions for consideration at annual MPPA business meetings
  • Interfacing with state agency staff
  • Inform and educate public and elected officials and their office staff on pork production issues

Pork Congress

The Pork Congress Committee guides the purpose and direction of activities and policies related to the annual Pork Congress tradeshow. Functions of this committee:

  • Site selection
  • Set tradeshow exhibit fees and sponsorship opportunities
  • Offer input on producer educational seminars