• Mandatory: every pig farmer that sells a pig contributes $0.40 per $100
  • The Minnesota Pork Board handles pork checkoff funding for Minnesota
  • Can only be used for:
    • Research
    • Promotion
    • Education
  • No legislative work
  • The Minnesota Pork Board receives USDA oversight
  • For more information about the Minnesota Pork Board visit
Checkoff vs Association


  • Voluntary: there are two ways to contribute
    • Strategic Investment Program Member
      • Pay $0.10 for every $100
    • Strategic Investment Program Partner
      • $150 per person
  • The Minnesota Pork Producers Association handles association funding
  • Unified voice in legislative and regulatory matters
  • Develop and defend pork export markets
  • Does not receive USDA oversight

The Minnesota Pork Producers Association and the Minnesota Pork Board are two organizations with two separate boards but one staff.