Who Represents Me?

How to contact your legislator

You can call, email, or write a letter to your legislator’s office. Emil is most effective if it is not a blanket mailing to all members, but a specific mail message to your representative or senator. When sending an email, remember to include your name, postal address and phone number.

Things to Do and Not to Do


  • Be brief, no more than a page
  • Make easy to read (if handwritten make sure handwriting is neat and legible)
  • Identify the issue at the top of the letter and cover only one issue per letter
  • Make your letter informative
  • Identify yourself and your credentials (ex. I raise pigs and grow corn and soybeans)
  • Get straight to the point
  • Use common terms and avoid abbreviations
  • Be polite and reasonable
  • Make sure to say thank you
  • Make an appointment when visiting the Capitol
  • Find the House or Senate File when calling about a specific issue


  • Use form letters or post cards, use your own words
  • Threaten or attack legislators
  • Address as congressman