“Reduce, Respond, Recover” Program

Proactive non-market risk management and crisis preparedness are critical for pork industry stakeholders.  In order to address this need proactively, MPPA staff has been delivering the Reduce. Respond. Recover. materials to farms on an individual basis ensuring tools are tailored to the farm’s specific needs.

The RRR materials are delivered in three phases.  Phase one focuses on applicant screening, interview standardization and helps identify red flags of individuals with ill intent.  Phase two focuses on crisis scenarios like a fire, tornado, truck rollover and/or unauthorized video. Farms are able to plan how they would respond to each situation developing media statements, policies and response procedures before the crisis occurs.

In 2014, the third phase of the RRR materials was rolled out.  Phase three works with farm employees and human resource professionals to identify application, interview and on-farm tendencies of employees that have ill intent in order to take a more proactive role in finding and retaining the right people on farms.  Utilizing the past experiences of farms and employees impacted by unauthorized videos, stakeholders are provided with tools they can utilize immediately to take a more offensive role in identifying individuals with ill intent and establishing a culture of doing the right thing on their farm.

The MPPA continues to develop additional resources that will help farms find and retain quality employees and prepare for crisis situations.  To schedule a meeting or to learn more about the RRR resources contact Jill Resler, MPPA Director of Education, at jill@mnpork.com or (507)345-8814.

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Legal Assistance to Members

The Minnesota Pork Producers Association provides legal assistance to its members of up to $20,000 or 50% of the cost of the action, whichever is less.  Only cases that are precedent setting for all farms, will be eligible for funding. General farm legal cost and legal actions between pig farmers are not eligible. There are also yearly and multiple year limits on assistance to any individual farm and only participants in the Strategic Investment Program are eligible to apply for funds.

It has been a strategy of activist groups to pursue legal action again pig farmers when their efforts at the ballot box or legislature do not work. The MPPA Board will continue to evaluate cases and provide support where warranted.

To submit a case or for more information contact David Preisler, Executive Director MPPA, at david@mnpork.com or by phone at 1800-537-7675

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