2020 Priorities:

Section 179 – Like Kind Exchange Conformity

Section 179 has still not been fully conformed in Minnesota to changes made in the Federal tax law. Minnesota’s non-conformity to Section 179 Like-Kind Exchange has had a negative impact on farmers and other businesses in Minnesota. Full conformity to Section 179 would provide needed tax relief, keep our industries competitive with neighboring states, and streamline tax filling.

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Funding

The Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at the University of Minnesota is a critical piece of infrastructure to the pork industry. MPPA supports providing $675,000 of one time funding for the purchase of equipment and software that would increase through put of the lab. The VDL will be critical to a Foreign Animal Disease outbreak response.

Rural Finance Authority Funding

The Minnesota Pork Producers Association supports increase in the Rural Finance Authority Funding. MPPA also supports the program covering the interest rate and the ability to cover appraisal and other closing costs which will help meet the needs of farmers.


Transportation Funding:

The MPPA opposes a gas tax increase. The MPPA supports a robust bonding package for roads and bridges. Balance between urban and rural spending should be a goal and bridges should be prioritized over roads.

Water Quality:

The MPPA supports the Governor’s request for $220 million of bonding money to assist communities with upgrading sewer and water systems. Many farm employees live in rural communities that are seeing significant costs of upgrading water systems. We encourage the legislature to prioritize smaller communities which in many cases do not have the resources to fund the mandated upgrades.