Property Tax Relief:

The MPPA supports efforts to lower the amount of real estate tax that farm land is accessed for building levies for public schools. The MPPA recognizes the need to provide safe schools that can also offer excellent educational settings. Past legislative action has limited excess operating levies to applying the tax to a house, garage and one acre. Building bond levies apply to all property. While different proposals are being discussed by the state legislature the best solution at this time is to have the state pick up a portion of the bond amount from the general fund. This would provide some tax relief to agricultural land and would help restore some balance to funding public education.

Property Tax Relief

Transportation Funding:

The MPPA opposes a gas tax increase. The MPPA supports a robust bonding package for roads and bridges. Balance between urban and rural spending should be a goal and bridges should be prioritized over roads.

Water Quality:

The MPPA supports the Governor’s request for $220 million of bonding money to assist communities with upgrading sewer and water systems. Many farm employees live in rural communities that are seeing significant costs of upgrading water systems. We encourage the legislature to prioritize smaller communities which in many cases do not have the resources to fund the mandated upgrades.