Todd Marotz

Todd Marotz

Brown County


Describe your involvement in the pork industry.

I am the Head of Production for Wakefield Pork with an emphasis in Production, Genetics, Construction, Permitting, and Regulatory. I am currently on the Foreign Animal Disease task force. Previously I served on the Minnesota Pork Producers Association Board for one term and currently serve on the MPPA Public Affairs Committee. I have participated in PLA and PPLI programs and attended CRISPRcon providing information on gene editing and its role in agriculture.


Why do you want to serve on the MPPA Executive Board?

The MPPA Executive Board plays a vital role in the success of our industry in Minnesota and nationally.  I feel my experience and knowledge can help contribute to that continued success and continuing to move the organization forward.


What is the greatest challenge/opportunity facing Minnesota pork and what is your role in addressing the opportunity/challenge?

The greatest challenge to the pork industry would be a Foreign Animal Disease outbreak and its effect on the supply chain. I am currently actively participating on multiple committees and with many government agencies regarding this subject and working to develop industry response plans.


What role does the Minnesota Pork Producers Association need to play in ensuring the success of Minnesota pig farmers?  

The organization needs to help protect the rights of hog producers from overreaching regulations, mandates, and fees and provide a representative voice to all producers.