Minnesota Pork Consolidates to One Board of Directors

Joint Black LogoAs part of Minnesota Pork’s 2021 Strategic Planning session, together the MPB and MPPA board members directed the formation of a taskforce to consider structuring our organizational leadership so that a joint board of directors oversaw the work of the voluntary membership organization and mandatory checkoff organization. That taskforce met and provided a recommendation to each board of directors leading to an advisement encouraging the board of directors to take all steps necessary to transition to a single board governing both the MPB and the MPPA.

The primary purpose of the advisement is to combine the two separate boards of directors into one consolidated board that will oversee the management of the two organizations. The taskforce and boards believe these changes will improve the efficiency and reduce administrative and overhead expenses while continuing to maintain the two organizations as separate entities.

Prior to the Minnesota Pork Congress, the MPPA and MPB entered a Joint Session together on February 20, 2023, to consider amendments to each organization’s bylaws which included changes to the structure of the boards of directors. Motions were approved by both organizations to adopt the amendments and eligible voting members of each organization proceeded to elect the executive board of directors: Daryl Timmerman, President; Todd Selvik, Vice-President; and Dr. Abbie Redalen, Secretary.