Pork Day at the Capitol

Last week pig farmers from across the state met at the capitol to discuss issues impacting the pork industry. Agriculture research was a main topic of conversation. Bill HF 779 would invest $37.5 million in various research programs with the primary goal of building staff capacity. Other topics of discussion included the vet diagnostic lab and the new isolation unit near the diagnostic lab at the University of Minnesota, along with the truck washes and a nuisance bill protecting farms from public and private claims if the farm meets all standards in law. Click Here to Review the Legislative Agenda 

 “I believe having a few minutes with our Representatives and Senators where we have their undivided attention to express our commitment to the issues we are asking them to support is important,” said Larry Liepold a pig farmer from Okabena. 

“It is an additional reminder as to what the pork industry adds to the economy in the form of jobs both on and off the farm, adding value to grains and oil seed, and contributing revenue through the marketing of our product.”