SECD Test Reimbursement: PIN requirement

Beginning December 15, 2014, USDA will no longer pay for swine enteric coronavirus disease (SECD) submissions that do not include a valid premises identification number (PIN.) If no PIN is included, diagnostic laboratories will charge the submitter for the test.

USDA will pay for testing regardless of test result. Approved sample types for reimbursement are intestines, feces or fecal swabs, oral fluids and environmental samples, specifically associated with a site with live pigs.

Swine producers and veterinarians now identify over 75% of the samples being currently submitted with a PIN. Please contact the Minnesota Board of Animal Health if you need a PIN, or have questions.

A Greater Minnesota (AGM)

AGM LogoThe Minnesota Pork Producers Association participated in a coalition of other state agricultural groups to form “A Greater Minnesota (AGM)”. The purpose of this group was to provide more information for voters and to gain commitments from candidates on agricultural issues.

The efforts of AGM resulted in over 90 state house candidates signing a five point pledge with 62 of them supporting all five points. Thirty-five of the house candidates who supported five pints were elected on Nov 4. Read more

Data from Pork Checkoff Marketline

Sponsored by the National Pork Board

Data from Pork Checkoff Marketline November 6, 2014 Thursday

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Hog Outlook

Ron Plain and Scott Brown
University of Missouri
October 31, 2014

USDA’s Foreign Ag Service released 2015 projections for global meat production and trade a couple of weeks ago. Projections show an increase in world pork production of 1.1% next year, compared to a 1.4% decline for beef production and 1.5% growth for chicken. China and the European Union continue as the world’s top two pork producers, with the U.S. number three. Projected growth of 5.1% for the U.S. in 2015 trails only that of Russia (6.4%) among major producers. China and to a lesser extent Mexico and South Korea are expected to increase pork imports next year, while Brazil, the U.S. and the EU see the largest jump in projected exports.

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Meet Dale Miller: Membership and Outreach Coordinator

Dale MillerDale Miller, former longtime editor of the National Hog Farmer, Magazine has joined the Minnesota Pork Producers Association as the Membership and Outreach Coordinator. Miller retired from the National Hog Farmer this summer and we are glad to have him as a part of our team. He has a wealth of knowledge about pork production and the people that make it happen every day. He also has the skills to listen to pork producers concerns. Miller’s duties include:

  • Developing and implementing a communication and outreach program
  • Communicate Checkoff funded programs to producers
  • Listen to the concerns and communicate the work that MPPA/NPPC is doing on pork producers behalf
  • Communicate the benefits of membership and participation in the Strategic Investment Program to pork producers

Cell: (651) 895-4342